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What kind of medical conditions can come from living off red bulls and extra shots of expresso? I'd really like to know before I continue to cope with being a single parent by these methods. I am over tired, and by over tired I mean 6 hours of sleep in 7 days, tops. Viviana is suffering from what people call "Colic" which basically means she screams for hours at a time for no reason, mainly at night. It's a hard thing to deal with, on top of everything else my mother has invited my Nana and Aunt into town to stay at my house! I am literally sleep deprived and now having to give up my room. You couldn't understand the frustration I am feeling. I am having a hard enough time supporting myself yet alone 4 more people for two days. Considering my mother and 5 year old sister will be here as well. I don't know what to do, considering I have to feed them, house them, and various other things. I'm so stressed. I want out of here, I need a break. A real legit break. Before I go crazy.

I am pretty sure this entry actually didn't make a lick of sense considering I am so overtired I think I am dreaming while I type this. I might convince my mother to let me nap for a few before giving up my bed...

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