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This morning around 6am, Viviana woke up to eat. Everything was normal until I moved her forward to burp her. Which she can't be put over my shoulder for burping, she has to be sat straight up, and her head supported. If that doesn't make any sense, imagine her sitting on her lap, and you holding her head up by the chin area. That's how I was instructed to burp her by the doctor seeing as she has a mild case of acid reflux that should fade within 3 months.

Well, while I was burping her. Her head flopped forward! I am so worried that I have done something wrong. I've been trying to look up something on the internet about the effects it may have on her. But I haven't been able to find anything besides heads falling forward in the car seat. I don't have that problem, she usually has enough support to sit with her head decently straight. Even then, if I were to compare the two situations, I don't think she would get SIDS from just flopping her head forward once. The only thing I've found is to watch her feedings, to see if she is having trouble latching onto the bottle. I would die if I messed up her motor skills by letting her head flop forward. I don't think I could forgive myself.

When you have a newborn, everything seems so concerning. Especially in a first time mom. I'm always worried about everything when it comes to her. I just hope this isn't a situation that will cause damage in her future.

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Teryn on September 14, 2009 at 2:22 AM

I doubt this has hurt her in the slightest. It was an accidental one time thing. I can understand why you're so concerned (and it's better to be over-concerned than under-concerned, imo) but I'll bet she's just fine. Have you ever checked out Yahoo! Answers? You can post this question and explain the exact situation. I've browsed Y!A out of boredom and the parenting/newborn sections always seem to get replies. There are tons of people out there wanting to help with questions like this and to reassure you she's fine. I'll bet quite a few of them have had this happen, too.


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